Running running running

Drink, it makes you agree to stuff you would/should not agree too. Last week I went out for a beer with a long time friend of mine Gavin. Gavin is running the Nike 10k erm soon I guess. He had his running schedule with him, the beer goggles made the schedule look fairly doable so I asked him to send me a copy .. how dumb am I!!

Well a week and two runs in man do I hurt, but oddly in a good way. My first run on tuesday was 20 mins 1 min run 1 min walk, man it hurt at the end but I completed it (and some, the stubborn element of me ensured that I ran 1.05 and walked .55). The run took me along the thames which was nice. Today I did 20 mins on a running machine at the work gym. It was most odd, where last time I was struggling beyond a few minutes running today I did 10 minutes straight and felt I could have run much further. I am really not clear why! I did not run much further, I figured there was a reason I was supposed to be running one minute on and one minute off so I reverted back to that for the final 10 minutes.

Tomorrow is a rest day so hopefully come friday (next run) my aches will have gone.

Birthday presents

Well its my birthday today .. yay .. my children presented me with framed drawings for my desk. Top presents.

Tom has drawn a cool picture of myself and my wife, when did he learn to draw like this. It seems like just last week he was scribbling. This picture has shoe laces and fingers (with finger nails amusingly) I have the HUGEST ear you can imagine and a very smart looking tie. I am sure anna is not going to be amused with her hair cut.

The coolest thing was the conversation I had with him when he gave it to me.

He pointed out that he had made a mistake in that anna was taller than me (nice attention too detail). After looking at the picture for a bit he noted that he had also forgotten to draw one of my arms. I suggested that the arm was behind me, in the picture, with my hand in my pocket. He looked and asked which pocket. I suggested the pocket on my bottom. He looked again and wailed that he had also forgotten to draw my bottom. Odd how childrens minds work.