The value of pair programming

So pair programming is the bastard step child of agile, in many ‘pragmatic’ conversations pair programming is dismissed by the smart folks. Is that fair? I must prefix this post with saying i have never developed product using pair programming, so this comes from du brain not from du experience. So as they say inContinue reading “The value of pair programming”

Continuous Integration

Automating Software Quality Why discuss it? “There is a big difference between saying, ‘eat an apple a day’ and actually eating an apple every day” No assertions of tooling are made but some recommendations or examples are used where appropriate. What is continuous integration? Simple build software every time code is changed, the reality ofContinue reading “Continuous Integration”

How to setup an N95 as a 3g modem for a mac

All the info you need is here: (ross barkman’s home page). Firstly download the vodafone scripts (scroll down I used the link (Nokia 3G scripts). Unzip the file and copy the three CIS files into /Library/Modem Scripts) Now link your phone to the mac using the bluetooth wizard (make sure you select the useContinue reading “How to setup an N95 as a 3g modem for a mac”