Snow Snow Snow

Yesterday it snowed, in easter! (queue lots of randoms citing that global warming is clearly a myth, popular culture has a lot to answer for). We took the children to play in the snow which was kinda cool. Tom and Beth were both daft enuff to come stand under a tree with me (trigger scott shaking the tree and two supprised and irritated children ;-)). Maddie was initially interested (never seen snow), I fed her some which she found kind odd. Ultimately I think though her opinion was yeack. She would not walk she cuddled (and complained) all the time!

We made a couple of snow men, well snow/mud men as the snow covering was insufficient to mean that you could avoid picking up mud with the snow balls. Had a snow ball fight (which I am pretty certain I won!).

Coolest image of the day was driving up to ditchling beacon to see a field COVERED in people sledging, nice image that should be on a post card.

Kinda glad we went out early in the morning as by the afternoon it was melting and by the monday it was all gone .. *sob* I had to goto work.

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