Setting up trac on OSX

Yeowch that was harder work than it should have been. Firstly I have installed ‘stuff’ before via port,  NEVER again (well almost never).  Darwin port installs apps into /opt/… it will manage the dependencies of an installation (but removing an app does not remove the dependencies).  I had managed to get several versions of pythonContinue reading “Setting up trac on OSX”

Relative class paths in eclipse

In eclipse you can only reference jars via a path into the workspace, you can use relative paths (if you edit the .classpath outside of eclipse) but this relative path cannot expand outside of the workspace. This is a problem if you are using svn:externals to add an externals directory into a repository that containsContinue reading “Relative class paths in eclipse”

How to setup subversion on OSX

This works with leopard. Firstly turn on web sharing, web sharing uses apache2 under the hood although its config is bizarre to say the least. Create a repository:  sudo mkdir /usr/local/subversion/  sudo svnadmin create /usr/local/subversion/Test Ensure the repository is readable by apache  sudo chown -R _www /usr/local/subversion/ Setup a password file (For later)  sudo htpasswdContinue reading “How to setup subversion on OSX”

Freedom of the press

Is it me or are the press TRYING to create a recession?   Headlines suggesting that   o Home owners are going to be worse off becaue the BOE lower interest rates?    How is that supposed to work?      o Borrowers are worse off because banks are withdrawing 100% mortgages (given house prices are falling its responsible to remove them!).    Continue reading “Freedom of the press”