Good morning

Eeerowch! I am tired,  losing an hour in the morning really sucks it out of you!!

However I do love this time of year,  the clocks changing is a sign that I wont be travelling home in the dark for much longer.   Prior to working in london I didnt take much notice of this but nowadays it really is a key point in my year.  A sign of good days ahead.  This morning I took the boat to work (well I was hellish late so figured why not!  No matter how many times I try changing at croydon when on the 8.44 train I never seem to recall that it does not work – there are no connections at that time *grr*) sitting at the back of the boat with the wind rushing over me, feeling the sun on my face (struggling to breath as we were shooting along so fast).  It did feel good and now I do feel ready to have a great day!  Summer keep comming!

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