3 thoughts on “Whats it like to have children?

  1. Gah. All this to look forward to.
    (I spent last night awake and holding the , who had a low fever and would scream as soon as he was put down)

  2. *blocks ears*
    Cleaning up the poo was much easier than listening to her scream because she is hungry (we cant let her eat as she has a stomach upset).

    1. Then again on the flip side .. I am sitting in my study watching tom play football in the street. He played his first ‘match’ yesturday for his saturday morning team. He is strutting about with his team kit showing all his friends (All of whom are older than him). Kinda takes me back to summers playing in the street with my friends .. happy days.
      Yesturday was cold and horrid, and I would not have missed it for anything Tom really enjoyed himself and seeing him interact with his friends was nice. If only he could enjoy playing defence, he is a pretty good defender. He wants to be a striker though (and between you and I – he kinda sucks at that).
      Watching your children become people you like as well as children you love is a truely magical thing!

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