Men loving Men

I asked tom today if he would marry a man or a woman when he grows up .. he looked at me agast and told me that men only marry women.   Now both Anna and I have gone to great lengths to ensure that all our children dont have fixed gender views – except it apears to have not worked at all.   Anna and I have very open (ok well pretty open) views on relationships and discuss them with T&B – it just puts into perspective the influence of parents over that of ‘the world’.

Aww the power – on a side note, tom has just brought his friend Jake (who I dont much like – he is rude 😦 ) to play in his room.  They have to walk past my study to get to their room.  Tom gave me a look that was pure ‘is this ok dad?’ – I nodded and they have gone to play.   Dunno why this exchange touches my but it kinda does.

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