Alternate view points

I play a game called World of Warcraft. I have sucked Tom Beth and Anna into the game also *evil cackle*.

Tom does quite well he gets the game and is all about levelling. He mostly understands the stats on the gear he wears and what it means. Beth does not.

A little while ago I came into the room to hear Beth screaming at Tom, not a usual situation as Beth is pretty calm mostly. Tom had sold Beth’s pink dress to buy her some leather trousers of + stuff. Beth was livid as they were not pretty.

I guess we all get something different out of games.

2 thoughts on “Alternate view points

  1. I think you just neatly encapsulated why so many current computer games don’t have general female appeal. They fall into either “Dress your barbie and do her hair” or “Hack, slash, leather trousers of +ness” and neither is what we want.
    The ones I think have genuinely struck a chord of interest with girls are things like dance dance revolution, sing star, buzz and Wii sports. Interestingly, they are all ‘doing’ games as well. I’m not sure that is necessarily a meaningful correlation though.

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