How do you cope

OK so its been a while .. what going on .. Not really sure where this post is going, we shall see.

I had a conversation recently regarding dreams and aspirations, should you aspire to live your dream so that you can look back fondly upon your life? The specific question related to a conversation with a friend who was ‘concerned’ that he was not living his dream and would have trouble when his child grew up. Would he be able to advise his child to follow their dreams when the parent had not?

My take is that people who follow their dreams are living a lie, dreams are tomorrow they are a phantasm you will never reach. IMHO happiness (and lets be fair thats what its all about) comes from enjoying the now and be damned with dreams. The trick is to make now part of tomorrow, nothing in life is perfect nothing is the way it should be but the current state is the result of a set of choices made before. Those who ‘follow their dreams’ constantly question their choices to date. I think the trick is to have a plan to see the current state for what it is a destination along the path not a destination in its own right. Everyone has dreams too few people have a plan.

A conversation that came up amongst my friends in previous years related to people who were self aware, the conversations were a little condescending but the substance was sound far too few people know themselves, if you know yourself then you have to trust yourself .. trust that you made the right choices in the past. A hard thing to do when you look back at poor choices made. The trick is to recall that you made those choices with the information you had a the time more information may come later that suggests a better route but that information was not available at the time. Don’t lament the past choices trust them and live with them.

OK so now a segway, but its my blog so I can do that. Another fact I hold to be self evident 🙂 is that one must trust the foolish decisions of others NEVER rage against them. I work for a large corporate so see foolish decisions. I always try to believe everyone is reasonable (if selfish) and make rational decisions therefore when you see a decision thats irrational dont fight it, see it as a rational decision for which you dont have all the facts. Strive to see all the facts then understand why the decision was made. Once you do this, if you still the decision (state?) as being irrational chances are you have information not available to those who made the decision – present the additional information and usually you can unravel the mess (far better than ranting *coff*).

OK so I should tie this together .. no bloody idea, I am posting this from a pub at 22.00 at night while waiting for a friend to join me to play some pool. Its a brain dump, a purging of sanity. Maybe it will make sense maybe it wont. Chances are I will cringe when reading this later but who the hell knows. (Oh there comes my last observation, if you want to tell someone (even if that someone is yourself, as is the case in this post) something NEVER read it back, just vent – some truth will pop out – reading back will only make you feel foolish)

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