Tom gets all materialistic

OK so I blogged about toms tooth, raar. When I got home I found him having a debate with his mum:

Tom knows the tooth fairy will come and collect his tooth and pay him cash, he likes the idea of cash. He also knows that the tooth is his and he does not want to sell it. Anna and I both ‘want’ to preserve his tooth, its a precious thing to be put in a box and ignored for 20 years, as all children’s mementos should be. Anna suggested, to Tom, that we buy the tooth off him and look after it on his behalf. Tom thought for this and decided to let market forces decide. He wrote a letter explaining his quandry to the tooth fairy and placed this under his pillow. Paraphrased it said I have lost my tooth but want to keep it, will you pay me anyway? and if not how much are you prepared to pay?

Anna and I replied to his letter, on behalf of the fairy ( 🙂 ) in fairy writing, which is naturally too small for tom to read. Not sure what he will do now, the games continue.

I am unclear if I am proud, amused or saddened by his response, probs a little of each in measure.

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