Toms tooth

For a few days now Tom, my 5 year old, has had a wobbley tooth. Today his tooth fell out. This is a first, an odly special occasion. The remarkable thing is how small his tooth is, it really is tiny :-). He is delighted part because he is going to get a pound (damn inflation) and part because he knows thats what happens to ‘big boys’. Oh to be able to hold back time 🙂 My emotions are very mixed, partly pride that he has got this far and done so well and partly down and out fear at the very real manifestation of time moving along.

I hold to something my dad told me when Tom was younger and I was moaning about him growing up. Dont look back and worry about what you have missed, focus on whats happening today and take pleasure in each moment. With that in mind I suppose I should demix my emotions and just get on with enjoying watching him grow up. Maybe.

Twas annoying to have to leave him to goto work, this is a special time. I wonder if he realises just how special.

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