Punishing children

OK So I have not blogged for a while, there seems little point backfilling the gap so I wont 🙂

I have two children Beth and Tom. This morning while tidying the house I noticed that Beth, who is 3, was not helping Tom, who is 5, to tidy their bedroom. Discussions ensued. Ultimatly Beth ended up tidying up alone, because Tom had done his share. Beth, naturally, started to cry. I went to Beth to explain things and calm her down, she explained in a quiet sad little voice that she needed help to tidy up because she is ‘only little’ I figured that this was a ruse so ‘played along’. I called my wife and told her that as Beth was ‘only little’ we would have to collect her Dolls together and save them until she is ‘bigger’, I also told beth as she was ‘only little’ she should pop to her bed for a little nap. Beth accepted all this without a murmor, how do you punish someone if they dont realise that the punishment is a punishment! Currently Beth is in bed asleep, and her dolls are on my bed and I am out of ideas. Who would have thought being a Dad was so damn complicated.

2 thoughts on “Punishing children

  1. If it was easy, anyone could…..oh. As you were. Dude, IANAD (yet), but i think you got that reaction because she accepts your word unquestioningly, because you’re never unreasonable. This Is A Good Thing ™. Being a dad is a serious business, and I bet you’ve thought of a solution by now, anyway 😉

    1. Only thing I could do .. I waited it out. I stopped everything and waited till she decided she wanted to be a big girl. Three frecking hours later she finaly worked out what she wanted Evenually all was good, I honestly nevevr realised that being a dad was such a cerebral experience.

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