Is it ok to be so excited about chrimbo when you are old?

Children just make christmas all over again, I never really understood (prior to having children) what it is to live life through children. Its obvious at christmas. Today I did panto, both children are old enough to enjoy it. Thomas at 5 was booing and shouting with the best of them, Beth at 2 was suitably scared and requiring hugs at all the right places 🙂 Panto kind of sucks for adults, but when you go with children it is the best thing in the world. I found it kind of hard to follow the performance because I was watching the reaction of the children, thats entertainment. Thomas was mesmerised, Beth switched between amused, scared, bored and ecstatic.

After panto we went to the crib service, a new family tradition (running since tom was first born so 5 years or so). Thomas took Bethany down to the front to deliver the present for baby jesus, watching them go melted my heart. Watching tom return ALONE was less endearing. Running forward I found Bethany stood along on the stage asking “where’s Tom?” her faith was amazing, surrounded by strangers she just waited for someone to explain what she should do. How long will she continue to trust her big brother. Later Beth sitting on my lap, one arm around my neck and one hand holding a candle joined in with the away in a manager carol… it was perfect, just perfect. As we left a nice old lady complemented Beth on her dress, Beth proudly said that it was her swishing dress, she stood stock still and swayed to show how her dress swished. She blocked off everyone, noone could leave the church, noone seemed to mind because she looked so damn cute.

Now the children sleep, the camera is on charge the presents are wrapped. Tomorrow is CHRISTMAS, and I am starting to understand that Christmas is not about what presents you recieve (well tbf I KNEW that a long time ago, I am starting to BELIVE it). I am excited, jigging cant stand still excited, but the excitement is not for me. Not any more.

One thought on “Christmas

  1. I had a lovely Christmas and New Year. My brother’s girlfriend, Tae, came to share it with Sam, Mum and Me. Everything was wonderful. Lots of drinking Sam’s single malt around log fires. Lots of cooking, eating and drinking together. Lots of being very comfortable and happy with family.
    Having a new member there makes things even better. I think part of it is the enjoyment is sharing your Christmas history and tradition with someone else, and having them enjoy the whole thing, and add to it.
    Glad to hear that you guys all had a very groovy Christmas 🙂 Perhaps with Tom and Beth, it’s like having new people there to share everything with, and get new ideas from?

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