A break from running ..

I took a break from running last week, not intentionally just life contrived to ensure I could not run. Well I figured I would jump back in with a gentle run 2 miles in 20 mins I was expecting it to hurt but tbf it didnt. I guess in some wacky way my body is getting used to this exercise m’larky.

PS .. I have taxed my bike now christiffer 🙂

2 thoughts on “A break from running ..

  1. Good boy. Although I bet now you’ve stuck your head over the parapet they send you an £80 fine anyway……
    I’m currently doing much swimmage – 80-100 lengths per week, currently offset by working in an office full of mince pies, chocolate biccies, and samosas (it is brum after all).
    Hopefully, we’ll get 50cm of snow over christmas and we can all go boarding off kinder scout….

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