Raaar running raaar

Just completed my first ‘real’ run. I ran 2.5 kms in 20 mins non stop. Given that only 3 short weeks away I could not run for more than a minute without being out of breath I am impressed.

The limiting factor, interestingly, was not running out of puff but my muscles running out of umph. Its odd the way fitness moves.

I have just purchased a heart monitor and note that I am running at an averate heart rate of 155 bpm .. Hmm I wonder what this means. I guess I should read the manual.

Tomorrow is a rest day and then a nice easy 15 min run with breaks. The next big challenge is sunday which is a 25 min run. Looking forward in my schedule it does ramp up 2 weeks from now I will be doing a 60 minute run .. Hmm that should be a laff.

2 thoughts on “Raaar running raaar

  1. Well done – sounds like you’re making good progress there.
    Heart rates are a bit weird. Some books/manuals will tell you your ‘max’ heart rate should be 200 – your age. Well, mine has been 201 when I’ve been running in a race!
    I’ve found that by ignoring all the guidelines I’ve read and just running at a) where it is comfortable and then b) where I’m pushing it and also c) where it is so horribly uncomfortable that I wonder why exactly I’m doing this running lark and please can I die now? and making a note of what the heart rates were, I know now that <170 I'm out for an easy jog, 170-185 is working hard and over 185 I'll drop back a bit because running is great, but it isn't worth suffering for *&)

  2. Wow, well done dude, that’s really impressive. You’re keeping to the schedule well then?
    Perhaps I’ll have to get Mum to buy me some running shoes for Chrstmas… 🙂
    It’d be nice to be able to keep going when we’re boarding, rather than getting knackered.

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