Running running running

Drink, it makes you agree to stuff you would/should not agree too. Last week I went out for a beer with a long time friend of mine Gavin. Gavin is running the Nike 10k erm soon I guess. He had his running schedule with him, the beer goggles made the schedule look fairly doable so I asked him to send me a copy .. how dumb am I!!

Well a week and two runs in man do I hurt, but oddly in a good way. My first run on tuesday was 20 mins 1 min run 1 min walk, man it hurt at the end but I completed it (and some, the stubborn element of me ensured that I ran 1.05 and walked .55). The run took me along the thames which was nice. Today I did 20 mins on a running machine at the work gym. It was most odd, where last time I was struggling beyond a few minutes running today I did 10 minutes straight and felt I could have run much further. I am really not clear why! I did not run much further, I figured there was a reason I was supposed to be running one minute on and one minute off so I reverted back to that for the final 10 minutes.

Tomorrow is a rest day so hopefully come friday (next run) my aches will have gone.

One thought on “Running running running

  1. I remember when I started running last year, I could only do 400m the first time before I had to stop. The next time I was aiming for 800m and managaed 1000m. The time after that I was aiming for 2000m and managed 3200m. The distance I could go seemed to go up really fast to begin with!
    I was going all out to run 5km non stop in time for a race 6 weeks away, I think running intervals like you’re doing is more sensible though.
    See you at the Marathon in April? *&)

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